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About project

The project "New skills: teaching for success" was designed to cover growing requirements of PSP 17 teachers. The requests mainly concerned the improvement of teaching and personal competences as well as teaching tools and methods enrichment on the basis of ICT, what aims to school’s quality enhancement. Recruitment process emerged 8 different subjects teachers to employ new methods and skills into a wider range of curriculum in addition to spread the impact of the project and its results on the largest possible group of teachers (not only course participants), pupils and their families.
During Learning, Creativity and The Future Classroom Lab course, except from IT practical classes, participants would like to find associates from other European countries, exchanged good practices and observed fine solutions employed in schools around Europe. All the undertaken actions guided to improve European dimension of our school.

The issues of the course "Learning, Creativity and The Future Classroom Lab" are:

- Creativity and the European Framework
- Creativity and Individual Preferences
- Multiple Intelligences concept
- Creativity Learning Patterns
- Creative Learning Environments
- Creative Classroom – tools for students
- Evaluation of Creativity
- Programming for the 21st century classroom
- Collaboration and innovative learning scenarios
- Interactive technologies for the future classroom
- Creative use of multimedia, games and tablets in school

The course is structured in 3 Modules:

Module 1: Creativity in Education.
Module 2: Future classroom: teaching and learning.
Module 3: Assessing creativity learning.

Organisator: Agrupamento de Escolas de São João da Talha